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The image above is not from the portfolio I presented to the agency, but was taken around the same period in 1984.

I was just like you...Part 2. The Model Agency.

Now, realise that was back in the 80's - before all the 'political correctness' - before being afraid to say something that might offend someone, even if it was for the recipients benefit. She sat there and picked all my images to pieces - one-by-one. Each comment cut a bit deeper. Her final piece of advice was to keep practicing and come back another time.

I can still recall the conversation like it was yesterday, and the disappointment I felt at the time. But eventually I realised how important her feedback was, and i will always be grateful to her.

From that experience I learnt that no-one really cares what camera you use (unless they are a photographer). And it is expected that you fully understand the camera's functions, lenses, light, posing, composition and all the other things that go together to create a photo, that you are proud of, and/or meets your client's expectations. Beware they may not be the same.

Has all this changed with digital cameras and the ever evolving software? NO! It just means there are more mediocre boring photos, digitally enhanced with 10,000 plug-ins to hide your mistakes and make them look like everyone else's photos.

The result? Now everyone is a 'photographer'.

Anyhow, wherever you are on the journey, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you, and helping you grow.
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