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Gold Coast Photography Courses offers one-on-one tuition to ensure you receive undivided attention and complete satisfaction. However, we also realise that some people would like to learn with a friend or family member. If so please let us know - we can also offer a discount.

Camera Course

A Camera Course, teaches you what and where all the camera functions and settings do, where they are and what effects they have, followed by a basic photography session. • Camera Settings and Menus • Personalising your camera settings • Aperture settings • Shutter settings • ISO • White Balance • Exposure Compensation • Metering Modes • RAW vs JPGS

Photography Courses

A Photography Course teaches the skill, and process of creating a Photograph.

Photography is NOT about which camera you use.

It’s about how you use the tool (see camera course) to capture what you see, or to create and capture an image that our eyes are unable to see.

Our eyes see things in ‘real time’. We see it - it’s gone.
A camera can capture an image by playing with time.

A Photographer creates an image in camera. Yes it can be enhanced later by post-processing, but creating ‘in camera’ is the first vital step.

Beyond The Basics Photography Course

Advanced Photography Course

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops are great to hone your skills in a specific genre, refresh your memory, or just as an excuse to get out of the house for while. We offer Sunrise and Sunset Workshops and Model shoots.

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