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I was just like you once...Part 1

The adapter was purchased. That is when the adventure began…. 
Now, this was back before digital cameras were even thought of. There was no internet. Only large corporations had a computer. 

We used film…..developing and printing was expensive. We had “darkrooms” where we would lock ourselves away and get poisoned by the chemicals to produce a black a white image that had tonal range - from one shade lighter than pure black, to one shade darker than pure white.

I joined short courses and enrolled in an “Associate Diploma in Art- majoring in Photography’, but I wasn’t learning what I wanted to know. Yes there was some photography involved - but it was an ‘Art History’ course. If I wanted to learn History, I would have studied it at school… 
I was learning stuff, but it wasn’t the ‘nuts and bolts’ that I needed to know, or if it was I couldn’t grasp it enough to fully understand it. (Sound familiar?) 
Many hours were spent studying the principles of exposure, and the relationships between Apertures, Shutters, ASA, camera metering methods and light. Because they were complex topics I also developed ways to remember how these functions interrelate. 
Then I was told that my camera was not good enough - that if I wanted to be professional, I needed a “Medium Format’ camera.

A 35mm negative is 36mm x 24mm. A negative from a medium format camera can be 6 x 4.5cm or 6 x 6 cm.

So I purchased a medium format Mamiya C330 twin-lens reflex camera with two sets of interchangeable lenses. It used 120 films. It was completely Manual - even the shutter had to be ’cocked’ before I could take a picture.

With my enthusiasm and understanding and knowledge of light, metering, camera functions and armed with a medium format camera, I did my first ‘real’ model shoot at Merewether Beach in Newcastle. In the darkroom I produced Black & White prints to be proud of. The model was ecstatic with the results. Her mother was ‘over the moon’ and wanted copies for everyone.

Success!! Next step was to connect with the top Model Agency in Newcastle.

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