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Better Exposure & Composition in One

Teaching at Gold Coast Botanic Gardens (my favourite place) last week, one student wanted a particular shot with the horizon line centred, whilst shooting into the afternoon sun. The result was that the sky had no colour, and subject was too dark, which meant the photo was a bit boring!!…..

Letting in more light (exposure compensation) made the subject lighter, but also resulted in the sky becoming burnt out (no detail).

By moving 2-3 metres and crouching under, and slightly behind, an over-hanging tree branch, the empty sky area became more interesting, the exposure was also more accurate, and the photo was more balanced.

Just remember that you are not tied to a pole stuck in concrete. Move around and find the best angle for your subject. Don't just take 1 photo and think its good enough. Take a photo, and then look at it and ask yourself if it could be better. Then try it. There are no excuses any more for a bad photo.
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